Application Fields

Gearboxes, speed reducers, planetary gear unit, modular speed reducer, gear motors or gearbox with motor, ac motors, roller table motors made from Ningbo donly co., ltd. have been widely used in various industries including Metallurgy, Coal / Mining industry, Cement, Port, Electric power, Cement, Papermaking industry, Sugar industry, Chemical industry , Energy , Rubber / Plastic and so on.

• Metallurgy

Baosteel group  Hebei iron and steel

Shougang group   Shangang group

Anshan iron&steel group  Shagang

Wuhan iron&steel group

Korea Pohang Iron and Steel 

Brazil CSN company  Italy SNA 

Turkey TOSYALI company

Bangal ABUL KHAIR company

Iran ARFA company

Malaysia KINSTEEL company

• Coal / Mining industry

Bhp billiton

Riotinto group

Shenhua group

Qidashan iron mine

Yitai group

Jinxing coal mineral

Suzhou coal mineral

• Cement

Tianjin cement

South cement co.,Ltd.

Huarun cement

Jingdong cement

Chuanmei cement

Luzhong cement

• Port

Ningbo-zhoushan harbour

Kazakhstan nuclear waste harbour

Dandong harbour

Zhanjiang harbour

• Electric power

Baihetan hydropower group

Xiangjiaba hydropower group

Guodian zhejiang beilun 1st power 

Zheneng zhenhai power co.,Ltd.

Datang group tuoketuo powerplant

Huadian baotou power co.,Ltd.

• Hoisting and construction


Taiyuan heavy industry co,. Ltd.

Dalian heavy industry co,. Ltd.


Sany Heavy Machinery

weihua lifting co,. Ltd.

• Papermaking industry

App paper

Zhonghua paper

Nine dragons paper (holdings)

Yongxin paper

Hengxing paper

• Sugar industry

India KPPS company

Yunnan yongde sugar group kangdian

Yunnan nongzhang sugar plant

Yunnan dehong jinghan sugar plant

• Chemical industry

Zhenhai refining

Inner monglia junzheng energy &

chemical industry co.,Ltd.

Jinshan Petrochemical

Jiangsu weitian chemical industry


• Energy

Zhejiang Yunda

XJ Group

Capital of new energy

LAN Power Co.

• Rubber / Plastic

Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery

Qingdao mesnac Co., Ltd.

Shandong Zhongchuang Tire Co.

Tianjin Saixiang Polytron 
Technologies Inc

Ningbo Kangrun Machinery 
Technology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo donly Co.,ltd