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DL H B series industrial modular gear units(gearbox reducer)

DLHB series industrial modular gear units

DL H series industrial modular parallel gear units gearbox speed reducer
DL B series industrial modular right angle gear units gearbox speed reducer
The gear units are reliable drive component for the use in different industry sectors. They have many features as follows:
A fine-progression series covers a nominal torque range between 2200 and 872000Nm.
The basic gear unit can be optimally adapted to customer requirements by fitting different add-on pieces like motor bell housings, gear unit swing-bases or backstops.
Designing noise-absorbing housings by means of the computing program;
Achieving exceptionally large contact ratios.
The gear units not only have a high efficiency but also a favorable thermal conduction through enlarged housing surface areas;
Large fans incorporating a new type of air conduction fan cool are being used.
The gear units have been designed according to a new unit construction principle. Through this, the variety of parts could be reduced. The main parts are mostly on stock enabling DONLY gear units to deliver at short term.


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