Advanced facilities

The world-class equipment ensure the excellent quality of the products. Our company has CNC profile gear grinding machine which were made by Germany Gleason-Pfauter, Germany HOFLER, Germany Niles, Germany Klingelnberg company etc, the processing center from DMG Japan Makino, Mori Seiki, PAMA, Mazak, SNK, Mitsubishi, BOST, Daewoo company etc, gantry machining center, boring and milling machining center, austria AICHELIN production line of the heart treatment, multipurpose chamber furnace, well-type furnace, tempering furnace, ionic nitriding furnace and other large number of high precision equipment.

Gleason-PFAUTER P2000G CNC
 gear form  grinding machine

Gleason-PFAUTER P4000G CNC
 Forming Gear Grider

Gleason-PFAUTER P2800 CNC
 Gear Hobber

Group of CNC gear hobbing 
machine group

Hofler gear grinding machine group 

Niles gear grinding machine group

LGMazak Vertical working center

MAKINO horizontal working center

MAZAK FH-12800 horizontal 
working center

MHT1618 CNC horizontal boring 
- milling machine 

MKW28160 CNC vertical grider

MORI SEIKI working center

SNK CNC gantry working center

PAMA CNC working center

BOST heavy duty vertical lathe

Austria AICHELIN working line 

of carburizing furnace

ZT  Quenching  machine

Austria AICHELIN working line 
of chamber carburizing furnace

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