Major Measuring Equipments

DONLY has established the national first-class center of measuring and  testing  which has standard measurement center , physical and chemical  center, mechanical properties center, gear inspecting center, the three-axis measuring center, etc.
There are many advanced measuring equipments in DONLY including German ZEISS three-axis inspecting machine, Klingelnberger gear measuring centers, Spectro direct reading spectrometer, Material testing machine, Metalloscope / metallographical microscope, Ultrasonic test machine, Magnetic particle inspection machine etc.
DONLY established with national level lab, which has SIEMENS  7.2MW、3.6MW、1.8MW 、1MW test rig.    Test rig can synchronously detect and note the running data of torque, vibration, noise,     temperature, efficiency ,speed, pressure, electricity  parameter, lubricate system etc.

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