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YP (YPG) series AC motors driven by inverter

YP (YPG) series AC motors driven by inverter




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YP series three phase AC induction motors driven by inverter
YP series motor with inverter device can realize stepless speed regulation, can reach energy saving and automatic control.
YP series motor features excellent frequency modulation, energy saving, excellent starting torque, low noise, small vibration, stable operation, aesthetic appearance. Power range and mounting dimension comply with IEC standard.
YP series motor's rated voltage is 380V and its rated frequency is 50Hz. Under the constant-power speed regulation is from 50-100Hz.
YP series motor has been applied in transmission devices of speed regulation, such as steel rolling, crane, transportation, and machine, printing and dyeing, paper-making, chemical. Textile, medicine, etc. it matches with different inverter device. With high precision sensor, It can realize close-loop operation.



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