Gear parts

Spiral bevel gear parts

Worm gears

Gear housings

The industrial gear speed reducer for rolling mill

The industrial heavy duty planetary gear speed reducer for vertically grinding in cement industry

The industrial double helical tooth gear speed reducer

YP (YPG) series AC motors driven by inverter

YG(YGP) series AC motors for roller table

YZ(YZP) series AC motors for metallurgy and crane

Y series industrial three phase AC induction motors

DLP series modular planetary gear speed reducer

DLHB series industrial modular gear speed reducer

DLR series industrial helical inline gear reducer with motors

DLF series industrial helical parallel shaft mounted gear reducer with motors

DLK series industrial helical-bevel right angle gear reducer with motors

DLS series industrial helical-worm right angle gear reducer with motors

Crown-gear couplings



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