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donly of star singers
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September 13, the "red flag floating ah floating, the red flag floating ah floating ..." East of the new generation of singers and moving voice was echoing in the Jiangbei District of the first private enterprises singer Championship game scene - Jiangbei district cultural centers.
Jiangbei District Competition from the Propaganda Department, the Trade and Industry Bureau and Jiangbei District Association of Private Enterprises, jointly organized "show Jiangbei, sing Jiangbei, construction Jiangbei" as its theme, aims to promote the building of Jiangbei corporate culture, to explore and develop A number of enterprises artistic backbone. The region of key enterprises are sending athletes participated in the competition this time round.
My company unions, the Communist Youth League to respond to "on hold" Shicuiyang Cup "contest for the first private enterprises singer notice" after a positive response, organized by the Department of Management Science and Technology Minister Zhu Song, headed "East of the team" took part in a competition . What is worth mentioning is that this "East of force," and seven members of the Green but they are fresh university graduates, they are: Malifang,ShenTao, Zhang sand, the Gazette-bin, Mao Bo, Zhang Yong and Yuezuo Crane.
On the 8th, "I sing my show, sing Jiangbei" Private enterprises singer contest Opening Yuezuo new companies from 161 players Crane stands out smoothly into the September 13 of the heats. In the semi-finals at the scene, he used a sonorous "red flags were fluttering" conquered the scene of the judges and the audience, invited by the Association of Jiangbei private enterprises "Jiangbei private enterprises Troupe members,"sheduled time for three years. It is learned that the Jiangbei private enterprises Ensemble, the city's first private enterprises Troupe, and this Jiangbei Private enterprises have selected the outstanding singers Troupe, will represent the future Jiangbei private enterprises in the community, into the publicity business performance. Moreover, as the organization well, I also won the "Excellence Award."


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