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The second chess and dominoes contest settled
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For the staff of the Amateur rich life, strengthen the building of enterprise culture, and selecting the reserve talent chess activities, party workers Jiangbei stock company with总经办joint corporation organized "East of shares in the second licensing flag contest." The game attracted a plant to the respective 111 players.
The competition is divided into Go, chess (individual event and team competition), drafts, Shuangkou four categories. In Competition System, in addition to five Shuangkou the game three win, chess, Go, drafts are taking three Bureau of knockout wins, decided the top three.
August 7 pm, representatives of various departments participating team members ballot, the organizing committee and magistrates working meeting was also held. Lin Yu Hua, director of the organizing committee, deputy director Ren credits and long Zhusong magistrate, a speech at the meeting on competition, publicity, logistics, and other detailed arrangements were made for the work. Evening 6:00, with the players, cheerleaders, enthusiastic applause from the audience, Shuangkou Chess Team and the first game - the fifth floor to the executive floor, the Office of Kasai. Because the schedule is more compact, competitions beginning has turned white-hot state.
After nearly a month in this contest, 111 athletes showed棋风chess Germany,赛out style than the horizontal. After many rounds of competition, with all major projects冠亚runners-up were released (see table below lists), they were given a certificate issued by the company and prizes.
It is learned that the company chess tournament is the annual series of cultural and sports activities in a. From September beginning to the end, "East of God" Cup Basketball, table tennis league, the tug-of-war competitions, and young singers will be taking it in turns into the contest, favorite sports and recreational activities have the staff, you had better step up their preparations will then be able to not miss a good opportunity to show their talents !


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