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A total of a full moon gathering
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6:00 sharp, chairman Song stepped into the meeting, and other executives, all extended warm applause. The event is chaired by the new students GU Peng Jun, Chang-han, Mao Bo, Boxuejiao four men, who quickly to full Poetry "," Italy's opening words to string a small party to a climax. The first program is the first-Bin and Liu Xiaobin chorus of "但愿人长久." Yes - "但愿人长久, Trinidad total Chan-juan," a continuous feelings of the songs, to the places of work, the students suffer from homesickness in a poly back to the atmosphere to warm. After that, Guo Lei Chun Wu Shizhen, and has brought poetry recitation "because you" - "because you, of East from scratch because you have, in the east of the difficulties come from the sun; because you East of the growth was the hope because you, we have a big family to love each other ", and expressed a拳拳Thanksgiving heart of the company founders and loved the community. Part of the game after the evening continues, a program than an interesting: two female university students申涛and ancient Shu-wen cooperation performing "in northern Shaanxi Waist Drum" and "Private enterprises Troupe members" Yuezuo Hok song "Red Flag Music, "and" Song and Dance double Migratory "master Wei-Dong industry section of Perak Dance and song,"冰雨. " This after "squeezing the balloon" game, but also will show to a climax. In accordance with the rules of the game to match men and women, and not the circumstances squeezing hands broken balloons, and then the balloon in the note, according to the instructions to perform. Experts Wu and Guo Haifeng Zhang's "铁杵磨成针", the audience was unanimously recognized as the most exciting impromptu performances. In the "East of echocardiography Award" in the lucky draw, as a representative of the winning total Zhao also display voice came to power, a "爱拼才会赢", also the home audience, "Tempting Heart" a lot of . 
For the latter part of evening, the company's expert representatives, representatives from the presidency graduate students performed in the Department of俞跃-manufacturing Minister portability, director of the branch with唱一首"Grateful Heart" and expressed their family to the East of love and dedicated determination; second branch Cheng Zhao Yan while an "A Better Tomorrow" Looking East of the future is forging ahead. In the last round of "East of the lucky Award" in the draw, is the lucky winner of our big family of the East Song Ji-lung, chairman of the parents. He lamented that in the award's reflections: "With you, I will certainly fortunate whole life!" <br>???? "To common cause, we went to the East; the Mid-Autumn Festival, a gathering of the East - we are to love each other's family," all officers in the evening were singing in unison "to love each other," came to an end. Throughout the evening fun, warm and grand.



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