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See Typhoon WEIPA
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On September 18, Typhoon "Τ" approximation,ưôare constantly scouring the Jiangbei Area East of the plant.
11:15, it is the workers who master morning meal time. Suddenly hearing a exclaimed - "Pump Housing smoke!." Water vapor heat treatment plant only diffuse the whole plant, into the sky. Wong Man on duty at the time of the first unusual, and the first time in the report to the branch director of the danger. At this time, the flood inundated sight to the pit, pump motor in the water looming ...
Water rose under the circumstances at the scene, branch director immediately make judgments: high-pressure pumps are damping pipeline burst! This pipeline equipment equivalent to the heat treatment of major arteries, normal boiling water will work under 340 cubic meters per minute speed into the furnace, if we will be an instant burst into a vast expanse of water will pump the one. There followed from a short circuit of blackouts, fires and other major accidents, and even endanger the lives and safety of employees. More serious is that the equipment under water at high temperature if more than five minutes, will become paralyzed, and 10 million of assets will vanish.
In thisǧһmoment, as the responsible person of heat treatment plants, we need calm and cool-headed, but also to operate the decisiveness to deal with slightly improper, the consequences would be disastrous. Director standby decisive order open water pipes, equipment for recycling and then command staff shut down power and water supply around the pump valve, open sewage pump. Chenź, Min Ouyang and then came to learn of Health answered, and jumped into the water in the fighting; after that, Ouyang and Chenźalso braved the wind and rain to the executive floor, moved to the sewage pump. Chen Liang at the scene of the fighting was to take on the normal operation of the equipment management; scheduling Ding Chao-hong, Tanhaizhong immediately after hearing this, and so came to participate in the rescue. During the whole process, no time to give orders, assignments, we would like to heart to one, to a make fresh, played a very pretty tough battle. This is the level of heat treatment business employees victory is the victory of resilience, but also the victory of team spirit.
After the completion of the emergency handling, branch director of the leadership were immediately reported to higher authorities, the person at the scene to direct Yu repair, and other departments to coordinate emergency preparedness. He led the equipment by officers working overtime, will be removed in four large motor to the branch to carry out emergency treatment. Fighting continued until 3:00 the next day, in the co-operation of several departments, sewage was drained, and also normal for the pumps operational.
In this way, a team with Super Typhoon confrontation, Premire Urgence contexts began the final heat treatment and the ingenuity of their departments, brothers courage and tenacious struggle to win. In this contest, the East of the people once again practicing the "perseverance, vigorous and resolute" working style enterprises will be high professionalism, Spectrum has become a paean to the team. They are a model for all of us, let us pay tribute to them!


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