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Mr.Yang Hua,£¬Director General£¬Department of Listed Company Supervision from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, arrived at DONLY to make a specialized research on the morning, 16th-Oct.-2007, accompanied by the Mr. Lu Yiqing, Deputy Director General, Ningbo Securities Regulatory Bureau. Our chairman of the board, Mr. Song Jilong received them and made a work report since Donly came into the market.
Mr. Song reported carefully about our current situation and future strategic plan. When talked about the work since came into the market, he said the successful initial public offering make our enterprise from the work of only products management to the capital operation, which has the far-reaching influence on our sustained development, we will work strictly under the law regulations to participate in the competition of high level market, in order to win the universal praise of DONLY brand.
After that, Mr. Yang made the important speech. He said he got the intuitionistic impression on Donly this time. As the first one listed company from the Chinese gear industry in our A stock¡¯s market, the experience of Donly¡¯s development can be studied by others. Meanwhile, Mr.Yang hope Donly can grasp this public offering opportunity to improve the strength, and to shoulder the social responsibilities.
Then the leaders visited our workshops.


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