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Ningbo Donly has won the contract for the supply of the gearbox for the rolling mill of the world's first high-speed continuous casting and rolling rod and wire production line pro...

Time:2019-07-08 12:07:10  Author:admin  Source: This website

At the beginning of the New Year on January 11, Guilin Pinggang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. Has signed the world's first high pull speed headless continuous casting continuous rolling rod and wire production line project mill gearbox design supply contract in Pingle county, Guilin.

The 1.2 million ton capacity replacement technical innovation project of Pinggang iron and steel company adopts the world's most advanced Danieli high drawing speed headless continuous casting and rolling rod and wire production line, and the previous steel making process is equipped with the world's top Siemens Primetals 120 ton EAF quantum arc furnace and LF refining furnace, which are equipped with world-class equipment. Especially for Danieli headless continuous casting and rolling bar wire rod production line is the world's first, the rolling line features the patented MI.DA process,or production of wire product is a breakthrough innovation, integrating automatic photoelectric and automatic load adjustment, application of low temperature rolling and ultrafine grain of process design and production, improve quality of steel products, the headless and high speed continuous casting and rolling technology, product yield increased by 4%, avoid the billet secondary heating, saves the energy consumption and reduce the emissions.Due to the adoption of high-tech automation and process optimization design, the system can accurately determine the size of the rod and wire length in the minimum and maximum range of free shear, fully meet the market demand.

Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd is the first gear industry A-share listed company. - It is the core subsidiary company of Ningbo Co.,Ltd, it is a high-tech enterprise which is majored in gearbox innovation, design and manufacture service, it has been set up more than 20 years which offers a wide range of gear boxes and transmission equipment for the steel market,where there is steel company where has the Donly’s products. This time Ningbo Donly relied on its own technical strength and sincere service to obtain the trust of the Pinggang Steel, and obtained the milestone contract.This will lay a solid foundation for Donly to continue to follow the path of innovative high-quality development, Also this will lay a solid foundation for supporting reliable gearbox and various transmission equipment to the new energy conservation and environment protection project in steel industry.