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Donly transmission won the title of Zhejiang province AA - class "abiding by contract, heavy credit " enterprises

Time:2019-05-29 10:05:58  Author:admin  Source: This website

On September 7, 2018, Ningbo market supervision and administration bureau announced that the Ningbo selected Zhejiang province AA class enterprise list which is regard as theme of abiding by contract, heavy credit. Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment co., Ltd. was listed on this enterprise list.

In response to promote the healthy development of city economy, promote the construction of social credit system and response, Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment co., LTD. in the early positive declaration AA level "abiding by contract, heavy credit " enterprise in Zhejiang province, after the Ningbo market supervision and administration of the qualification examination and approval and the contract and credit situation assessment, the violation behavior such as broken status query and field sampling, and the city bureau chief of office meeting examined and approved, Donly transmission in Zhejiang province in 2018 was identified as AA level "abiding by contract, heavy credit".enterprise.

Since its establishment, on the one hand, Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment Co., LTD., has deeply cultivated the market and promoted the sales volume and brand influence of products; on the other hand, it has always adhered to standardized management and honest management to provide customers with high-quality products and all-round services, and to keep promises and fulfill agreements with partners. Over the years, to comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management, strengthen the integrity system construction, and constantly strengthen and improve the contract management, "abiding by contract, heavy credit" as an important work to establish the corporate image, to promote the development of enterprises.Company earnestly implement relevant laws and regulations, establish and perfect the system of contract management, contract management responsibility, perfecting the contract review process, to review, sign contract, the performance of the various links such as adjusting and optimizing, formed the contract management of closed loop operation, make the contract management and the organic combination of the company's business activities, effectively promoted the standardization of the company's business activities:By adhering to the strict implementation of contract management system, the company has established a good image of doing business in good faith in the cooperation with the government, Banks, customers and suppliers. The influence and cohesion of the company have been continuously enhanced, and the company has established a good image and good reputation in the market.

Integrity is the key for enterprise to enter the market, but also the cornerstone of the long-term development of enterprises.The company won the title of "abiding by contract, heavy credit " in Zhejiang province. Donly Transmission will make persistent efforts to further improve the company's credit management level and play a demonstration role as an honest enterprise, make new contributions to build a good market economy trading order, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the healthy development of the city's economy.