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Donly transmission technology center has been identified as a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center

Time:2019-07-08 12:07:26  Author:admin  Source: This website

Recently, Zhejiang provincial department of science and technology issued a document identifying Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. as the research and development center of high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang province in 2018.

Donly transmission equipment provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center collected one batch have certain popularity in the industry of professional and technical personnel, through the way of outside and internal training, build a battle-hardened, innovative professional technical team, has developed a large number of new products with independent intellectual property rights of transmission equipment, and many times for all levels of government in major R&D projects, industrial projects, won the provincial and municipal science and technology progress prize for many times.The achievement of these technological achievement have significantly enhanced the core competitiveness of enterprises.

In recent years, the company has established close cooperative relations with Zhejiang university, Ningbo university, Zhejiang university Ningbo institute of technology and other well-known universities through the construction of innovative carriers such as postdoctoral research workstation, school-enterprise cooperative innovation laboratory and practice base for postgraduates, thus helping the company to make continuous progress in technological innovation.

The achievement of this honor fully reflects the recognition of the competent government departments at all levels for the achievements made in the R&D capacity, R&D investment and talent team construction of the company's technology center. Donly technology center up to expectations, continue to strengthen to cooperate with industries, enterprises, universities and research institutes, technology innovation platform, of the center into a bridge of university-industry cooperation and achievements transformation of the base and the cradle of talent gathered, continuously strengthen enterprise independent innovation ability, play the demonstration leading role of technological progress in the industry, continuously develop a transmission equipment market prospects and competitive new technologies, new processes and new products.For the transformation and upgrading of the company, to make contributions to develop new market.