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Modular high precision gearbox

    DLH modular high precision gearbox

    Overview of products

    DLB series modular high precision gearbox is straight axis style, adopted a number of new technology, so that the whole machine temperature rise, noise reduction, operation reliability and life is improved, the transmission power increased.It meets the urgent demand of domestic transmission industry for high-performance reducer and breaks the situation that foreign enterprises such as FLENDER and SEW have monopolized the market of medium and high-end general reducer for a long time.The development of this product aims at filling the domestic blank and realizing import substitution.

    DLB series modular reducer adopts advanced modular design concept, flexible interface and installation, each module has a complete inventory, greatly shorten the delivery time, improve product quality, reduce costs, enhance product competition ability, the greatest degree of meet the requirements of different users on the diversification of reducer.

    Features and Advantages

    1. From the casing to the internal gear, to use the modular design, which is suitable for mass production and flexible selection

    2. Specification ratio complete, various forms of structure, accessories complete to meet the user's various installation needs.

    3. The gear can alleviate the off-load problem of the gear through gear tooth modification, and the bearing capacity can be increased by more than 15%.

    4. The gear adopts Angle shift positive transmission to improve bearing capacity and lubrication condition

    5. The unique technology of tooth root strengthening is adopted to solve the technical problem of "tooth surface to be hard, tooth root to be tough"

    6. Application of various advanced design software, optimize product structure and performance, with high torsional stiffness

    7. Whloe cooling system improve effectively the work efficiency and the working life of transmission parts

    8. Double sealing structure with labyrinth or with independent oil seal cavity can prevent leakage of lubricating oil and dirt

    Main technical parameters

    1. Size:3-26(See product samples for details)

    2.Size:3-26(See product samples for details)

    3.No.of stages:1-4

    4.Torque range: Maximum torque to 900kn.m

    Application areas

    DLB series modular high precision reducer is suitable for transmission of various mechanical equipment in metallurgy, mining, transportation, cement, construction, petrochemical, textile, light industry, energy, food and packaging industries.